Ishan Sharma

App & Web Developer | UI/UX Designer


Hi, I'm a Web & App Developer, and an Open Source Enthusiast and I make elegantly professional web apps and flutter apps for a living and also design user experiences with highly scalable quality code.

I am a passionate learner and obsessive seeker of all things related to computers, computing and developing, a trait engraved since my parents bought our first desktop when I was a 4th grader. Inclusively, I began my journey few years ago, when I was in 8th Grade.

Also, I love building random cool stuff and put them out there in the world. One of my earliest projects Hotspoter has also crossed over 5 Million+ Downloads. You can find more insights about my projects on my portfolio.


Languages / Frameworks

Javascript, NodeJs, React, PHPMost of my web projects are built on the basis of these technologies.
VB.NET, Visual C#Some of my most earliest & successful projects were built on this.
Python Used Python for several personal automation and other projects.
Flutter Have built several cross-platform apps with amazing UX and functionality.
C, C++


Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, UI/UX, Arduino


B.E Computer Science / Chitkara University

  August 2019 - July 2023
GPA: 9.8 / 10

Non-Med / SHCSD Public School

  2017 - 2019
Percentage : 85.0%




Hotspoter Desktop App
750,000+ Users with 5,000,000+ Downloads
Hotspoter is special software that allows users to transform their computer into a wireless router. This is ideal for people who are looking for a way to use their existing internet connection to surf on their Smartphone, while the connection can also be shared with a large number of different people at the same time without weakening the signal strength.

SeeFood WEB | ML | Raspberry Pi
Made in less than 30 hours, Top 10 projects at HackTIET
A Raspberry Pi based project that helps you to monitor fruits, vegetables and other eatable items stored in refrigerator. If these items finish it will let you know so that you can buy new one and what you can make of the available food at your home by providing different recipies, also it will help you to keep a track of your diet by sensing the fruits/vegetables that you take out of the refrigerator.

GitGram Android | iOS | Flutter
500+ Alpha Testers | One of my side projects
We've all been there. Sitting behind that computer screen constantly for hours just to try to resolve that one simple issue on GitHub etc. After all those hours of constant hard-work, frustrations, scouting for bugs, all it sums up to is just one #commit" in a heap of bazillion others. This is one of the main reasons, why I was eager to make this app, "GitGram", It's a social media #app like #instagram but for #GitHub users. Instead of sharing your pictures from those vacations, you'd be able to share your journey behind a commit of yours, and tag your GitHub #repository, and lots more!
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